Layer 8 Solutions - About Us

Our Story

Background of the company, future of the technology field.

In our careers, we've worked with many consultants and consulting firms. Some knew what they were doing, some learned as we went along, and still others were there to only collect their payday. Looking at the technical industry as a whole, and focusing on what MSP's are doing right and wrong, we identified several key areas on which to offer advanced services.

Managed Service Providers generally operate on the principle of performing as much work as fast as possible, without much thought into root cause analysis or adhering to best practices. Layer8Solutions operates on the premise of providing the best service, best possible solutions, and best pricing for your needs.


Josh Higgins - Managing Partner, Sales and Services

I am a 20 year veteran in the IT arena and what separates me from the rest of the group is my passion for helping others who need assistance with Technology. Along with that, my personality is unlike any other IT individual you have come across. I truly enjoy interacting with various types of people and NO job is ever the same.


Jason Jonelis - Managing Partner, Networking and Systems

From a young age I was taking the VCR apart to fix actuator arms, and running a 10base-t Ethernet hub to support my LAN party gaming habits. With advanced knowledge in almost all disciplines within the IT field, and expertise in general hardware infrastructure, virtualization, and networking, I bring my over 17 years of experiences to the table with every interaction. 


Amit Panchal - Manager of Technical Services

With over 8 years of "in the field" and "in the trenches" experience, Amit brings a customer focused mentality to all technical problems. Interacting with people to find the best possible solution, in the shortest possible time, allows him to keep customers focused on what they need to be successful.


Guy McPherson - Infrastructure Engineer

With 13 years of technical experience with helpdesk, printers, and Windows troubleshooting, Guy is our senior Engineer and enjoys working on critical infrastructure issues.


James Jonelis - CFO

James, CPA, has the titles Controller, CFO, and VP of Operations in his past. With over 30 year of financial experience with both small and large companies, James is an asset to our growing team.


Gary Jules - Customer Service Manager

With over 4 years of customer service focus under his belt, Gary continues with our "customer first" pillar for success and recently joined our team!