Layer 8 Solutions - Covid-19 Response


Covid-19 continues to pose a significant threat to people of all ages across the globe. In response to the Covid-19 threat, all of our technicians have been moved to a Work From Home (WFH) designation. We will continue to provide all of our services on a remote-only basis. While this may prove difficult for many, we feel that it is in our best interests to protect our employees and customers from becoming infected or spreading this illness.

Due to the nature of recent goverment shutdowns and stay-at-home orders, Layer 8 Solutions is not charging our customers for March, April, and May's monthly fees. We are all in this together and we understand that controlling income and expenses during this rough time may be difficult. Please contact your sales representative for any additional information including scheduling of payments moving forward.

Remote Systems

Layer 8 Solutions offers remote assistance on an "as needed" basis and have already contacted all customers regarding ongoing maintenance and support agreements.

Due to many Zoom-related security issues, Layer 8 Solutions has setup a free to use video conferencing system for up to 50 video participants! You can simply navigate to and, without any software installation required, create or join your very own free conference. Currently we have disabled telephone dial-in and recording capabilities, but screen sharing, video, and headsets are all supported.

Layer 8 Solutions is also offering pre-configured network appliances - with no setup costs - for simplified VPN and remote connectivity for your employees! Contact sales for more information.