Layer 8 Solutions Project Portfolio

Here are just a few examples of the projecs that Layer 8 Solutions offers!

Networking Overhaul

A transportation company had, through Mergers and Acquisitions, acquired a location consisting of storage, offices, garage, fuel, and dispatching. This existing company was utilizing a network setup of three seperate DSL line, each with its own modem/router/access point configuration. When one of the DSL lines would become saturated or disconnected, the users would manually move their unmanaged switching equipment to a different DSL connection and/or join their workstation, printer, and phone to a different wireless SSID.
Layer 8 Solutions offered three different project plans based upon cost, capacity, and upgradability. The client ultimately chose the top-notch plan: this included replacing the 3x DSL lines with a single 20mbps fiber connection, replacing the unmanaged switch with a cloud-connected managed PoE variant, adding two enterprise-grade access points, and installing a security-focused router, firewall, and VPN device. Layer 8 Solutions handled the scoping, project planning, purchasing, vendor agreements with the ISP, permitting with the local village, configuration, installation, documentation, and ongoing maintenance plans. The customer had zero complaints with the network, internet, and phone systems after we were done!

Low Voltage Cabling

One of our long-standing customers was converting garage space into office spaces and needed 48 additional ethernet drops terminated and connected to a new switch stack. Our quote was not only cheaper than the incumbent competitor, it was also on a much shorter timeline. The project included certifying all ethernet cable runs, installing the structured cables in code-required data rings, labeling all keystone faceplates, and configuring a cloud-managed switch.
After the office space was opened, there were no reported issues when the office staff arrived to setup their workstations, and all VLANs, telephones, printers, and workstations connected without configuration changes!

Security Camera Install

A customer with multiple disconnected and outdoor-facing sites required a complete overhaul of their existing security camera systems. After receiving quotes for upwards of $1200 per camera, the customer reached out to our sales team. We quoted out $500 per camera and even cut out several cameras with more strategic viewpoint selections.
Layer 8 Solutions provided a camera system that exceeded the expectations of the customer and provided ongoing training and support while transitioning to the existing IT Team.

Phone System Migration

A smaller company of 7 employees approached Layer 8 Solutions with their existing phone provider bills. After providing guidance and direction with the various cloud-based phone providers, our engineers successfully migrated all users with minimal interruptions to the business. After providing training on the desk phones, computer-based app, and mobile device app, the customer was completely elated with the call quality and 40% month-over-month savings.

Office365 Deployment

Multiple clients have seen the negative impact to their business when email ceases to work correctly. Moving to Microsoft's Office365 cloud allows for a financially-backed SLA with a Tier 1 enterprise provider. Pricing, and other details, for O365 products can be found here. Our clients have migrated multiple-domains, single-domains, and even from non-Exchange systems to O365 successfully.

Virtual Environment Deployment

A Chicago-land lawfirm wanted to upgrade their multiple aging servers to a streamlined virtual environment. Layer 8 Solutions architected a redundant 2-host Dell Hardware solution utilizing VMWare hypervisors with SAN shared storage to meet their needs of scalability, easier management, and price. The ROI of this solutions was projected to be met within 18 months from the intitial turn-up.
The hardware included Dell R630 rackmount servers with Intel Xeon processors, 128GB RAM, redundant PSUs, and VMWare 6.7. The storage utilized was Dell's "baby Compellent" SC2020 that had snapshot backups to Amazon S3 buckets nightly using Veeam.

Wireless Access Point Upgrades

Layer 8 Solutions technicians have performed numerous Access Point assessments, installs, and upgrades. From a 4000 sq ft 1930's house with WiFi-signal-preventing plaster walls, to a 40,000 sq ft warehouse, we're able to assist with your Wireless needs!

The 1930's house project was one of our most difficult; every wall was decidedly anti-WiFi and the signal would drop to near 0 even in adjacent rooms. After much testing and planning, Ethernet was run to each bedroom, the media room, the office, the kitchen, a basement area, and the main living room. Unifi Access Points were installed at the end of each run with a Unifi PoE switch powering the devices. A Unifi Cloudkey was also utilized for remote access and management capabilities.

The end result was an environment with no more dropped connections or dead spots. Layer 8 Solutions technicians verified that every multimedia device worked flawlessly and provided in-depth documentation about the network to the homeowner.